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IRA Insanity

Learn how to ensure your retirement funds become a legacy for loved and not an IOU to the IRS!

Investing Insanity

Understand dangers facing traditional investing methods and updated strategies used in the New Economy!

Retirement Insanity

How to avoid the Top 5 Mistakes Retirees make in the New Economy to enhance your finances into the future!

Income Insanity

Fallacies of conventional income planning and an updated approach to create predictable income for life!


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"Once you stop learning, you start dying." - Albert Einstein

About Jason

As a financial author, educator, and consultant, Jason Veinot has been helping investors “Stop the Insanity” since 1997. He is a regular contributor to publications like, FAMILY magazine, and the annual “Successful Aging Guide”. Jason was recently featured in TOPS magazine’s Movers, Shakers, and Money Makers and has appeared on CBS-WKYT’s afternoon talk show and evening news. He is the former host of the popular radio program “Enhance Wealth” on WVLK 590 am with co-host Dale O’Brien and current host of the online podcast, “Financial Insanity!”. Jason has guided investors through all the ups and downs of the markets over the past 20 years and is now on a mission to create awareness of potential dangers facing traditional planning methods and introduce updated strategies designed for the New Economy. He is a graduate from the University of Kentucky and lives in Lexington with his wife, Ann and two children, Haley and Griffin.

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"Information rules the world." - Winston Churchill
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The Story Behind the ‘Taxman’

As the Beatles rose to fame in the 1960’s,...

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Tax Tips and Tricks

Taxpayers are entering the homestretch as the IRS deadline...

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